Returning Your Ballot



After you have completed your ballot and checked it for accuracy place it in the  Optional Secrecy Sleeve.

Place it in the Signature Return ID Envelope and seal it.
Check to make sure that your name and address are printed correctly on the back of the ballot
Signature Return ID Envelope.
Bullet PointIf either your name or address is not correct, contact your County Elections Office for help.
Bullet PointIf they are both correct, go to step 4.

Read the Voter's Statement printed on the Signature Return ID Envelope. If all of the statements are true, sign the Signature Return ID Envelope.
SoS ArrowYou must sign in order for your ballot to be counted.
SoS ArrowSigning another person's name is illegal.
SoS ArrowYou must sign your own ballot Signature Return ID Envelope.

You can return your ballot by using any of the these methods shown below. 
  Bullet PointMail it back it through the United States Postal Service with first class postage.
  Bullet PointYou can return your ballot by dropping it off at any County Elections Office 
  Bullet PointYou can return your ballot by dropping it off at an Official designated dropsite. 
      mailbox     office     dropsite
                    Mail it back                              Election Office                         Official Dropsite

 To track your ballot or to find out if your ballot was received you can:  
Bullet PointVisit the "My Vote" website
Bullet PointCall 1 866 ORE VOTE
 I circle for information SofS 
Your ballot must be received in a County Elections Office or a Official designated dropsite by 8pm on Election Day.

 I circle for information SofS Postmarks do not count! If your ballot arrives at the County Elections Office after 8pm on Election Day, it will not be counted. 

Contact the Elections Division                                              


  2925 NE Aloclek Drive  
Suite: 170
  Hillsboro, OR 97124-7523
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