CPO 7 serves the communities of Bethany, Rock Creek and Sunset West.
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Find out what is happening in your community and how you can get involved and make a difference. CPO 7 is your local Community Participation Organization (CPO) that follows local issues, projects and planning. Led by community volunteers, CPO 7 is open to involvement from all members of the communities of Bethany, Rock Creek and Sunset West.


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CPO 7 holds meetings and events. Everyone is welcome. 

Meet your neighbors, voice concerns, participate in lively discussions, share your ideas, and learn about opportunities to become engaged in the decision making processes that affect you and your community. Attend the next CPO 7 meeting to hear directly from planners, project leaders, elected officials and agency representatives. See upcoming meeting agendas and schedules on the CPO 7 Meetings page. Find all CPO events on the CPO Calendar.


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CPO 7 virtual meeting:
Mon., Mar. 8, 7 pm 

On the agenda:

What is Washington County doing to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians? 
Presented by Marla Vik, Senior Engineer, Washington County Land Use & Transportation

See CPO 7 Meetings page for full agenda.

Map of Saltzman Road Project

Project Map

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Saltzman Road Project

A Project Advisory Committee (PAC) was formed to help decision-makers understand the community's perspectives on one of the two proposed alignment alternatives.

The Project
Saltzman Road, between Laidlaw Road and Bayonne Lane, will be widened to three lanes (one travel lane in each direction with a center turn lane) with bike lanes and sidewalks.

Saltzman Road is a two-lane urban collector serving a rapidly-growing community. The road has narrow lanes without adequate bike and pedestrian facilities.

Two proposed alignment alternatives for Saltzman Road are being studied. The PAC held a series of public meetings beginning in August 2020, and in November, the PAC made their recommendation to the County Board of Commissioners about the preferred alignment.

Proposed Chevron gas station map - on Mad Greek Deli site

Project Map

Natural Resource Mapping:
Map 1 - Existing Conditions
Map 2 - Vegetated Corridor Impacts
Map 3 - Vegetated Corridor Enhancements and Creations

For more project info:
See LUT Staff Report

Chevron gas station and mini mart proposed on the corner of West Union and 185th

Project includes a Chevron gas station with a 4700 sq ft convenience store proposed for the Mad Greek Deli site on the southeast corner of the West Union/185th Avenue intersection. The main entrance is planned for the south side of West Union at the existing signalized entrance to the Albertsons shopping center.

Clean Water Services provides information about enviromental impacts 
Because of the many questions community members have raised about the impacts to the wetland, CPO 7 leadership reached out to Clean Water Services (CWS), the Washington County agency responsible for reviewing proposed development encroachments into the protective areas that buffer streams and wetlands, for more information on the project.

See CWS responses to CPO 7 requests and inquiries.

COVID-19 has limited public events

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In-person events have been canceled or replaced by virtual options.

Due to the evolving COVID-19 situation, many in-person CPO and CCI events have been canceled. This is a precautionary measure being taken to ensure the health and safety of our CPO members.

County Board Meetings | Board meetings are now live streamed through YouTube. Provide live testimony by reservation via Zoom. See schedule

LUT Open Houses | The County's Department of Land Use & Transportation is not holding in-person community events at this time. Watch for online open houses and other events. See calendar

TVF&R Updates | Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue is providing online updates instead of attending CPO meetings at this time.

Neighborhood Meetings | Most developers are also not holidng in-person neighborhood meetings at this time. Some are opting to hold virtual meetings. See calendar 

CPO 4K Virtual Meeting

CPOs are going virtual

The CCI and some CPOs are holding meetings and events online. Everyone is welcome to attend any or all of the events.

Upcoming virtual meetings:

  • CPO 1 | Tue., Feb. 9, 7 pm
    Feature topics: Affordable Senior Housing Project, Beaverton School District, Thompson Road Update
  • CCI | Tue., Feb. 16, 7 pm
    Feature topic: Land Use & Transportation Topics
  • CPO 3 | Thu. Feb. 18, 6:30 pm
    Feature topic: Beaverton School District Long Range Planning Update
  • CPO 10 | Thu., Feb. 18, 6:30 pm
    Feature topic: Urban Greenspaces Institute
  • CPO 4K | Mon., Feb. 22, 7 pm
  • CPO 4M | Wed., Feb. 24, 7 pm
  • CPO 6 | Tue., Mar. 4, 7 pm
    Feature topic: Beaverton School District Long Range Planning Update
  • CPO 7 | Mon., Mar. 8, 7 pm
    Feature topic: County Bike and Pedestrian Safety Projects

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New Washington County Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer Laticia Tillman News: 2020 THPRD Visioning Task Force is recipeint of Harold M Haynes Citizen Involvement Award Get Washington County election results Community Engagement Team adds Program Coordinator Marcus Ford Apply now for boards, commissions and committees! COVID-19 Executive Order by Governor Brown March 23 Watch Board meetings live on YouTube and Zoom CCI subcommittees are looking for members. County leaders speak out against hate.



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If you are interested in getting involved, CPO 7 is always in need of volunteers from the communities of Bethany, Rock Creek and Sunset West. Everyone is welcome. Contact us! 


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CPOs are made up of neighbors working with neighbors to stay informed about local issues, to share ideas and concerns, and to participate in decision making processes whenever possible, with one goal in mind: to help improve the livability of the communities they serve. And they have lots of fun doing it! If you are interested in volunteering in your community, contact us!

CPO 4K Chair Kathy Stallkamp and
CPO 7 Secretary Marty Moyer




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CCI and CPO 4K Chair Kathy Stallkamp

Kathy Stallkamp addresses the COVID-19 pandemic in a letter to all CPO members.

This webpage has the CPO Calendar which provides information about all CPO meetings and events, plus other County calendars with meetings, hearings and events.

CPO 7 Mtgs

Mar. 8, 7 pm
On the agenda:
County Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Projects

Apr. 12
May 10

All CPO and CCI in-person meetings are canceled at this time.


County Board hosts town hall on 2021 priorities

Mar. 6, 11 am
County Board hosts their Spring Community Town Hall on 2021 Priorities.


as of Dec. 14

Andrew Lamkin

Vice Chair:
Greg Malinowski

Vice Chair Bethany:
Marty Moyer

Recording Secretary:
Kevin O'Donnell

Corresponding Secretary:
Mary Manseau

CCI Reps:
Greg Malinowski, Mahesh Udata

Members At Large:
Lisa Perry,
Jeff Petrillo,
Paulo Pinheiro,
David Shettles

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Westside Trail Bridge

Dec. 8: CPO 1 hosts THPRD planner 
Get a brief overview of the trail and update on feasibility study currently in progress.

View Presentation
On Sept. 30, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District Planning Team held a virtual presentation and discussion about the upcoming Westside Trail Bridge over Hwy 26 study.

More engagement opportunities to come. Visit project webpage and sign up for updates.

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