Community Participation Organizations

Neighbors work together to make great communities!

Community Participation Organizations are made of community members who work together and are actively engaged in the decision making processes that affect them where they live and work. These organizations are known as "CPOs". A program that is 100 percent about community, the CPO Program is an important piece of the County's Community Engagement Program.

What are CPOs?

CPOs are organizations led by volunteers elected by members of the communities they serve. CPOs encourage and empower public involvement by providing a place for community members to: 

  • Come together to learn about and discuss issues in a comfortable forum. 

  • Get unbiased information about issues relating to local and County services. 

  • Interact with decision makers including local government and agency representatives, elected officials, and community leaders. 

  • Engage as a group in an advisory role to the Washington County Board of Commissioners.

Livability issues are their business.

CPOs focus all of their energy and time on the topics that affect how and where people live, such as transportation, parks and trails, housing and business developments, safety, public health, emergency planning, education, the environment and more.


CPO 4K Virtual Meeting

CPOs are going virtual

The CCI and some CPOs are holding meetings and events online. Everyone is welcome to attend any or all of the events.

Upcoming virtual meetings:

  • CPO 6 | Tue., Apr. 1, 7 pm
    Feature topic: Eat Smart, Waste Less Program
  • CPO 7 | No April meeting.
  • CPO 1 | Tue., Apr. 13, 7 pm
  • CPO 3 | Thu. Apr. 15, 6:30 pm
    Special guest: Metro Councilor Gerritt Rosenthal
  • CPO 10 | Thu., Apr. 15, 6:30 pm
  • CCI | Tue., Apr. 20, 7 pm
  • CPO 4K | Mon., Apr. 26, 7 pm
  • CPO 4M | Wed., Apr. 28, 7 pm


News, Events, Highlights 

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CCI and CPO 4K Chair Kathy Stallkamp

Kathy Stallkamp addresses the COVID-19 pandemic in a letter to all CPO members.



CPO and CCI in-person meetings are canceled at this time.

Get a complete list of canceled County events and reduced services at the link below.

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