CATT Work Groups

To ensure a variety of perspectives are considered and that many voices are included in the development of the project, specific workgroups were developed and activities assigned to each. This model brings subject matter experts and stakeholders together to both build and inform the project. Key workgroups include:


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee began meeting in 2020 and is comprised of local leaders who provide key insights into the development of the project. The roster includes members who possess broad systems knowledge. This committee helps ensure that the project is on the right track and is integrated into other systems. The committee's charter gives a more broad explanation of its role.

We invite you to take a look at the Steering Committee's charter, roster, meeting summaries and presentations here


Program Development Work Group

The Program Development Work Group members are subject matter experts from provider organizations, community stakeholders and individuals with lived experience of having a substance use disorder. This group meets monthly to provide much of the core, foundational input for this project.

Click here for access to the Program Development Work Group's charter, roster, meeting summaries and presentations. 


Leadership Team

County staff from Behavioral Health (mental health and addictions) and the Sheriff's Office have worked since 2019 to develop the CATT concept, organize the project, and collect information from focus groups and other organizations to inform the development. Our current team includes a representative from Washington County Facilities as we consider building design. You can email us for more information about the CATT Leadership Team.