Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling

Substance use disorders are the uncontrollable need for a substance or activity. In Oregon, there are hundreds of thousands of residents who are in need of treatment for substance use disorder, and Washington County residents account for about 40,000 of that total. Dependence is a process, one that begins with first time "use" and concludes with a loss of control. Whether it's a substance, or an activity such as gambling, addiction can take over a life, or several lives.

So what can be done about it? Treatment. For drug, alcohol and gambling dependence, treatment works in Washington County!

In addition to treatment referral, HHS also provides outreach services, including educational materials, on-site presentations and referrals. Volunteer opportunities include participating on the Behavioral Health Council.

The sooner treatment begins, the sooner a better life begins. Call for help today.

Watch these short public service announcements for more information: