Volunteers -- Our Everyday Heroes


This week was declared "Volunteer Recognition Week" by the Washington County Commissioners. After all, the quality of life in our community is enormously increased by the 1500 volunteers who give their time to our County every year. While volunteers help almost every part of County operations, there may be no place that they mean as much as at our shelter.

Think of it: We have 21 employees and 120 active volunteers!

Almost every volunteer gives at least two hours a week to helping the animals. It makes all the difference in the world.

Every day, volunteers scrub kennels and cages. They make sure that every dog up for adoption gets at least three potty walks a day. They write great descriptions of our animals up for adoption on Petfinder.com – people have come to adopt pets from as far away as Bellingham and Spokane, Washington based on these descriptions. They give counseling to prospective adopters, helping to match the right person with the right pet. They scrub food bowls and wash piles of towels and blankets. They do follow-up calls with every adopter to see if everything is going well.

One of our 120 volunteers greets prospective adopters with an available dog:


Volunteer (Small)

Our volunteers are everyday heroes who make life better for our community – and for every dog and cat that come through our doors.  

Interested in learning more? Check out our "Get Involved" section of our web site (http://www.co.washington.or.us/HHS/AnimalServices/Help/Volunteer/apply.cfm).