Daisy's Day Out

Daisy the dogLast week, I got to do something cool. At least I thought it was cool. I got to go to a radio station!

As part of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month this October, me and some other doggie friends got to go to KUIK-AM radio in Hillsboro and get interviewed for their "The Lighter Side" program on Saturdays.

I don't know how the other dogs felt about being on the radio (I didn't get a chance to talk about it with them at the water cooler dish because they got adopted shortly after their appearance), but I thought it was really nice to get out and go somewhere.

I was a little worried with seeing new people and seeing strange equipment. But after realizing that the new people just wanted to be my friend, and after sniffing all the equipment to make sure it wouldn't harm me, I was able to relax and be myself.

I got to be petted by a whole bunch of people that day. That was really super duper cool. I was able to sit and lie down nicely while I was talked about. I didn't speak because I was a little shy about how my bark would come across over the air, but I know I was talked about in a good manner.

It was a fun and new experience for me that day. I realized that I like new experiences. And I'm looking forward to hopefully my next new experience…finding a new home.

Update on October 23: Bow Wow!! Don't have much time to write -- because I'm busy having a wonderful time in my NEW HOME! A kind, lovely, fabulous (not to mention discerning) couple came to the shelter and met me. I loved them and they LOVED ME! Did I mention that I love these people??!!! Gotta go! Time for walks. And pets. And resting in my very own home.