The Animals Help Us as Much as We Help Them



I have to be honest: This wasn't the best Christmas ever at my house. We'd had a death in my extended family last summer, so the various family gatherings were bitter-sweet. We are a close and loving group, and we all put a brave face on it, but there was an underlying tone of sadness.

My remedy was my pets.

When I just didn't feel like being my usual perky self, I curled up on the couch, with both of my dogs and my cat snuggling around me. When the idea of one more festive occasion was too hard, I took the dogs for long, energizing walks.

It was my pets that brought a smile back to my face. How could I help but laugh when my dog Sprite woke me up in the morning by licking my eyelids (sort of like a small child asking, "Are you in there?"). I couldn't be blue when I played fetch games with Pogo -- especially with his new dog toy that has 16 squeakers in it. Mews has a funny habit of licking my fingers when I'm working at my home computer. It was impossible to mope with so many joyful moments.

When people come to our shelter, they often come with only one thought: they want to help the animals. They want to provide love, security, warmth and support for animals that are alone.

I've thought a lot about how much those pets are returning the favor to their adopters. During this time of year, which is so difficult for many of us, our shelter alumni pets are returning the gift of love and support that their humans gave to them. 

I imagine people walking their dogs on these crisp days, petting their cats next to a fire, and playing games with their pets' new Christmas toys. There is a perfect harmony in our relationship with our animals that makes everything so much better.

We have some wonderful dogs and cats that would love for you to come give them a home – so they can return the favor by making your life better. Come down to the shelter and meet them. There will be a day that you will be so glad you did!  


Here is one of the animals we have who is still looking for a great home. His name is Drummer. He makes me think of the Christmas song about the Drummer boy who was poor, and thought he had no gifts to bring. Just like that Drummer boy, I bet that this kitty is full of the gift of love, and he'll put a song in your heart.


Drummer (Small)