Blog Number 14 -- When Animals Choose Their People



What?! Two blogs in one day?! I just had a couple of things I wanted to talk about today, as I'm pondering the magic of the animals. This blog is all about joy.

Chewbacca is about as cute as a little dog can be. He's maybe a Jack Russell Terrier-Shih Tzu mix, with a scruffy coat and an adorable mushed-in face. Usually, cute dogs like Chewbacca are up for adoption only a day or two before some lucky adopter snaps them up.

But Chewbacca was here for about two weeks. He just didn't seem to like anyone. He'd stoically accept walks and petting, but he made it clear that he really wasn't too impressed with the people he was meeting.

And other dogs? Uh-uh. He's little, but he'd put himself up on his toes and make it clear to other dogs that he was soooo much tougher than they were.

"When are we going to find a home for Chewbacca?" we kept asking.

Then, two weeks ago, the magic happened. A lovely woman and her gentle daughter came in. They looked at Chewbacca. Chewbacca looked at them. It was instant love all around. The dog that didn't like other people to even touch him snuggled into their arms and kissed them.

Then the big test came: They brought in their other dog for our required meet and greet. We were worried. After all, Chewbacca had yet to meet another dog he cared for.

The family brought in a dog that they'd adopted about 10 years ago from another shelter. Cody is an adorable dog that is – amazingly – probably also a Jack Russell Terrier-Shih Tzu mix! The two dogs took one look at each other, and were instant buddies. It was as if Chewbacca had found his long-lost brother.

Chewbacca had patiently waited until the right people came for him.

Spend a day at our shelter, and it's clear that the animals pick the people every bit as much as the people pick the animals. When that bond happens, it is amazingly profound.

A couple of days after Chewbacca was adopted, a woman came in with her Toy Poodle named Sophia Noel.

(You can see how much Sophia Noel loves the woman she chose from my snapshot):


Sophia Noel (Small)


While the woman was doing some shopping for toys for her dog in our little retail area, one of the staff people was holding her dog's leash. You've never seen a dog working harder to get to back to "mom." I was talking with the woman about their amazing bond – and it turned out she'd adopted her dog from us just the week before. Time didn't matter; those two were as close as a dog and human can be.

So, we see magic every day. We see that moment of recognition when a dog or cat makes it clear that they've found their perfect match. One thing I know for sure: when the animal chooses you, it's always the right match.

Just ask Chewbacca and Sophia Noel.