What is with kids these days?



You know what every older generation asks: "What is it with kids these days?" 

It's the unofficial duty of everyone over about 30 to bash the youngsters around us. After all, when we were young, we were so much more responsible, harder-working, and smarter than "these kids today." I guess it would be fun to join my fellow Baby Boomers and shake my head in dismay.

But I have a view like no one else's, and I can tell you right now the future is in great shape. I see every day the compassion and care that the youngest generation is showing to the animals. It's nothing short of extraordinary.

Let me tell you about Adam. He just turned 11 years old. What birthday presents do you suppose he asked for? X-Box games? A tricked-out skateboard? An I-Pod?

Not this kid.

He asked his family and friends to give him pet food, so he could donate to the shelter. I bet you have goose bumps now, don't you?

Here's a snapshot of Adam and the food he brought in on his birthday:

Adam2 (Small)


There are other kids just as wonderful as Adam. A few days ago, a high school girl brought in 150 pounds of pet food. At least once a week, a child comes in with his or her saved-up money or boxes of food or some sort of special project. One of the best parts of my job is giving these kids a tour of the shelter, making sure they meet the dogs and cats that will be eating the food they brought in or benefiting from their carefully saved pennies.

I bet that some of these kids will grow up to become veterinarians, dog trainers, animal control officers – and maybe shelter managers.

So, what is it with kids today? Here's the secret: They are smarter, more responsible, and harder-working that we were when we were kids. The future looks great to me.