The Feel-Good Story of the Day



Here's your feel-good story of the week. I promise this one will make you smile!  

It was sent to us by a volunteer dog walker for Bonnie Hays who saw a very familiar face recently at the dog park.   Here's what she wrote:  

"I saw Grimes at the dog park today! Remember the sweet old black lab with the gray face? Remember how lumpy and bony he was? He also had an eye and ear infection when we had him. Well, today his coat was thick and shiny and he has gained some weight and had great muscle tone - he looks years younger and was moving like a young dog!"


Photo of Grimes when he was at the shelter:




"I was sitting on a bench at the dog park, and he ran right up to me. I was petting him, but didn't know it was Grimes. His boy came over and said it was his dog and when I asked his dog's name he said 'Grimes.' I nearly fell off the bench!

"He confirmed he got Grimes at our shelter. I told him and his mom how we fell in love with Grimes at the shelter because he was such a special, extra sweet dog. So Grimes now has a mom, a dad, and a very gentle boy who looks about 12 years old. The lady next to me said it looked like Grimes recognized me because he came in the dog park and ran right up to me. She said dogs remember kindness and probably recognized my scent. It was a really special moment for me - the first one of our dogs I've seen out and about." 

OK – are you happy yet? I am!