Bonnie Hays is Adoption Central Today



What a great day we are having!

The lines started well before the adoption center was open. People had heard that we had brought in small dogs from another shelter – and they were here in force long before we opened our doors to see if we had the right dog for them.

People were lined up when we were opening at 11:00 this morning:

Crowd Scene (Small)


It felt a little like the Oklahoma Land Rush. People came pouring into the shelter at 11:00, their adoption applications clutched in their fists went en masse to adoption row. It was sort of stunning.

There was a line for applications:

Adoption Applications (Small)

We see miracles here every day, where people fall in love and animals fall right back in love. This day, we did it in fast forward. Less than a half hour after we opened, the first adoption was completed. At the moment I'm writing this, we have two families meeting perspective new pets and two other families introducing their dogs to pets that are a tentative "adopt" decision (pending the dogs getting along). People are meeting animals in the regular places – and in our conference room and in the employee break room!

People checking out the dogs:

Adoption Row (Small)

An hour and a half after opening, we've adopted out 8 dogs and 2 cats (including a Labrador).

Our first adoption of the day:

Adoption 1 (Small)

This is a great day.

But I do want to remind people that, while we might not have 17 small dogs every day, we have at least a few little guys looking for homes almost every day. Oh – we also have medium dogs right now. And the most gorgeous Great Dane you can imagine.

So come on down any day, Monday through Saturday. You'll have the chance to meet your love of your life. And it won't be quite so crowded!