The Perfect Day



There are days that are perfect.

It's the day that a tennis player only hits the ball in the sweet spot. It's when an artist puts paint to canvas and creates the exact picture that's in his mind. It's the moment a writer can put in words the feelings that are welling inside her. It's a sunny day of bliss.

Saturday was one of those days at our shelter.

We told the world we had a lot of little dogs that needed homes, and our community rose to the occasion. We adopted out 15 dogs and 3 cats on Saturday. Yes, most of the little guys we brought in were adopted, but we also found wonderful homes for some big dogs, including a Great Dane (who was practically in a zip code of her own).

But what made the day go from really nice to perfect was the fact that Glenda found a home.

Glenda the Good Dog and Her Wonderful New Person:

 Glenda 2

We called the pretty 10-year-old Labrador Glenda the Good Dog. She is sweet and funny and energetic and loving. But not everyone is going to adopt a 10-year-old dog. Just be patient, we told ourselves. Glenda will find her person.

And she did.

A kind and lovely woman who is going through some health procedures was looking for a friend to help her through. She took one look at Glenda's wise eyes and knew she had her friend.

Yes, a it was a perfect day.

I have to say that perfect days usually need a little help from the participants. This day was no exception. I looked around on Saturday and saw a team of dedicated employees who were hard-working, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I saw a shelter full of volunteers walking dogs, cleaning cat cages, scrubbing floors and giving adoption counseling. I saw a community of people who care about animals. There was a sense of joy and camaraderie that was so strong it was tangible.

That tells me that we can expect some more perfect days to come.