Mini-Dog Mini Mania



Last Saturday, our shelter was a madhouse of activity when people came to adopt little dogs. I think of it as our day of mini-dog mania.

Pssst…here's a secret we want to share. We have a lot of little dogs up for adoption again!

As I write this, we have 5 little guys looking for fabulous homes, not to mention some medium-sized and plus-sized pooches. We're hoping today becomes a mini-version of mini-dog mania!

Elmer is a Chihuahua mix who weighs about 15 pounds. He's about 2 years old and would make a great pet!


In fact, we often have little ones here. One time when I gave a tour of our facility to an official of a national animal advocacy organization, she said, "I have been to shelters all over the country, and you have the cutest dogs I've ever seen in a shelter."

So come meet our assortment (as of this morning) of three Chihuahua-mixes, a purebred (senior-aged) Yorkie, and a sweet Jack Russell-mix. Oh, and maybe while you're here, you'll fall in love with our Border Collie-mix, our Australian Cattle Dog-mix, our 5-month old Husky-mix, our Rottweiler-mix or sweet, lovable Lily the Pit Bull Terrier.

I really do think we do have the cutest dogs of any shelter. Come see for yourself and see if you agree!