It happened today. We ran out of dogs for people to adopt. Every dog that was looking for a home today got adopted.

Don't worry, prospective adopters – there will soon be more plenty more sweet dogs looking for great homes! But, barring a surprise, for the rest of the day we're just in the cat adoption business.

How could this happen??!! It's because we live in one of the best communities in America.

We bring in about 2500 stray dogs a year into our shelter. Happily, the primary outcome is joyful reunions with people who are thrilled to find their dogs safe and sound here at the shelter. The animals that aren't claimed by their owners get behavior and health checks to make sure they'll be great family pets. Some of those dogs go to rescue groups – and about 600 end up finding homes through our adoption program. 

For a long time, all of our adoptable dogs have found homes. What made today different is that we had more adopters come to our shelter than we had dogs. We are completely empty in the dog adoption area.

Of course, soon the kennels will be full again – and we'll have lots of canine companions looking for their forever homes. Still, looking at an empty adoption area is kind of thrilling. We have come a long way. 

Now…think about adopting cats at that same rate! We have a LOT of gorgeous cats and kittens looking for new homes! In fact, meet the Brady Bunch. You could somehow form a family….

 Brady Bunch