Costume Party Goes to the Dogs



I love my job.

One of the things I love the best is the community that exists around pets in our county – and my job is often in the middle of it. Today was one of those great days. Potso Dog Park (  in Tigard held its 9th annual dog costume contest, and I was a judge (along with State Senator Ginny Burdick and veterinarian Bianca Shaw of Back on Track Canine Rehab).

We had the absolutely impossible task of deciding which adorable dog in which adorable costume should win the four prizes. We had to pick a Best Costume winner (kinda the Best in Show of the doggie park contest), the best Owner-Dog Look Alike, and two other categories we could make up as we went along.

There were a lot of entries, and all were great. The dogs were dressed as princesses and pigs, witches and devils, clowns and dragons. One was a chef and his side-kick was a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. 

While the costumes were amazing, I was impressed most of all by the absolute love and fun and joy that this event represented. The dogs were social – they enjoyed people and their dog buddies. The people ranged from post-retirement age to toddlers; the dogs were 3 months to 18 years. And every one had a blast. It was exactly what community should all be about.

Here are my snapshots of the winners (but of course everyone there was a real winner):

 Costume Doxie (Small)

Best Costume went to this little Miniature Dachshund, dressed as a construction worker. Her outfit was complete with a checkered shirt, jeans, and itty bitty little tools. The whole thing was hand-made.

 Costume OSU (Small)

Best Owner-Dog Look-Alike went to this team of Beaver fans. Even a Duck would have to appreciate the pom-poms on all four of the Border Collie's feet (which she'd cleverly removed by the time this photo was snapped), the scrunchies around her "pigtail" ears (because every cheerleader worth her salt has pigtails), and their coordinated Beaver outfits.

 Contest Baggie (Small)

We gave this dog the award for Most Civic-Minded. She represents a dog that picks up poop. This pretty dog was adopted from a rescue group just 6 months ago and has been through agility and obedience classes. That's also civic-minded!

 Costume Pug (Small)

This sweet old Pug (dressed as a pumpkin) is 18 years old! She was such a love and schmoozer. She went to each judge and just snuggled up to us with such joy. She's a reminder of the bond of love that grows every year with our dogs. The award title that we gave her eludes me at the moment (should have kept my notes!), but we made it because we wanted to recognize the bond between human and dog that this extraordinary old girl represents.


See why I love my job so much?