A Very Lucky Basenji


This is a story about good people and a very happy ending.

Last week, a Basenji came to our shelter as a stray. We scanned for a microchip. Nothing. We waited for an owner to call us. No one called.

We could tell she was a beautiful purebred Basenji. As we often do, we wondered how this dog that someone must be looking for could show up at our shelter with no worried owner at our doorstep. The days passed, and it was time for us to help this dog find the right home.

This dog made it clear that she wasn't the dog for everyone. She didn't like strangers holding or cuddling her. Because we deal with the general public, we only adopt out the dogs that are likely to meet the needs of a broad cross-section of the community. When we get a dog like this one that needs a special home, we work with rescue groups that have the time and resources to place those special dogs. Our Shelter Technician Sheila Farrin contacted Kathy, our local Basenji rescue contact.

Sheila sent Kathy a photo of the dog in our shelter.

That's when the magic happened.

Kathy emailed us a photo. It was a picture of the same dog.

Kathy knew this dog. She had bred this beautiful dog. Kathy wrote to us, "Her name is Raley…. Thank you soooooo much. Raley has been missing since JUNE." We had inadvertently called the very person who was looking for the little stray dog at our shelter.

The photo below is of gorgeous Raley and grateful Kathy at their tearful reunion.


 Basenji (Small)


There are a lot of happy lessons from this story:

*What goes around comes around. Kathy volunteers to help out homeless Basenjis. Because of her commitment to these dogs, we had a place to turn to for this Basenji. It was her dog that ended up benefiting from the network that Kathy was part of. Pretty cool, huh?

*Don't give up if you've lost your pet. This dog was gone for almost six months. We'll probably never know what adventures she had. We've had dogs come here that were reunited with their owners years after the dogs went missing. Don't give up hope for your lost pet.

*Microchip your pet. If Raley had been microchipped, we would have called within minutes of her arriving at the shelter rather than waiting for fate to intervene. Microchips are the best tool for reuniting pets and their owners. We have them available here at the shelter (during hours when our veterinarians are on duty) for $23. It's the best investment you can make!

*Our shelter goes to great lengths to find happy endings for the animals in our care. We have a live release rate for dogs that is among the highest of any public shelter in the nation. That means working with rescue groups of all kinds, putting the word out about our great dogs, and being a visible part of the community.

*We have the best jobs! Sheila Farrin, our Shelter Technician who reunited Raley and Kathy, emailed me and wrote, "This has made my day!!!!"

I bet after you've read this blog, it made your day, too!