Even us weather wimps are hoping for snow



I am a native Oregonian, so I can say this. Most of us are weather wimps. We like to think of ourselves as rugged pioneers, but most of us are more like hot house flowers. We have a small temperature range in which we thrive. If you're like me, you don't like it when it's too hot in summer. And we especially don't like it when it's cold in winter.

I hadn't started at the shelter yet during last year's long cold spell. I hated that arctic blast and couldn't wait until the temperate weeks of spring.

After almost a year at the shelter, I have an entirely new perspective. I want cold weather. And I want it NOW.

What has caused such a startling shift in my Oregonian soul? Blame it on kittens.

I used to think that kittens were a springtime phenomenon. By November, I thought, all that cat procreating would be long past.

I was naïve at best. In this last week of November, we are still wall-to-wall kittens. Fluffy kittens and sleek ones, bundles of energy and love sponges, curtain climbers and lap warmers. Kittens are everywhere. The photo below is of two of the sweet kitties looking for a home:

kittens (Small)


Adult cats will continue to create these little creatures until their bodies are really convinced that it is finally winter time. Like when it snows.

So, for the first time since I was a kid, I'm rooting for snow. I'm zealously harmonizing to "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow."

OK, another admission: I'm still a real Oregonian and I don't exactly drive in the snow. I'll have to figure that out after the cats stop procreating.

But meanwhile, if you're looking for a little lap warmer, or a bundle of energy to warm your heart, come to the shelter. We have the most adorable kittens imaginable.