Blog Number 16 -- Practically Perfect in Every Way



Some days, you cry. Don't worry – this isn't a sad story. This one will make you cry because it is so sweet and good and right.

We had a beautiful dog we called Morgan who came in as a stray. She's a regal girl, probably some sort of an Australian Shepherd-Keeshond mix. This dog is practically perfect in every way (to quote Mary Poppins).

But she was here for a couple of weeks. You see, Morgan is 10 years old. She's active and smart and seems to be very healthy.

But she's 10.

People kept walking past her to see the younger dogs. They didn't see the wisdom, the kindness, the magic of this dog. They just saw her age.

Today, I saw a staff person walking Morgan and I asked myself the question we've all had on our minds. "When is someone going to adopt Morgan?"

But instead of walking Morgan to the potty walk area, the staff member turned to the adoption area. A kind, lovely woman was waiting to take Morgan home. You should have seen the smile on this dog's face – and on the face of the lovely woman who knew she had the best dog imaginable.

They were a perfect pair. They were like a pair that had already been together for 10 years.

Morgan has a new name for her new home. Her adopter named her Sassy. The perfect name for our funny, fabulous girl who is starting a new life.

Here's a snapshot of Morgan -- now Sassy -- and her adopter (which does neither of these lovely ladies justice):


 Morgan (Small)


I told you this was a happy story. It's just another day in the life of our shelter, a day when another wise, wonderful, kind dog found a wise, wonderful, kind person. Like I said, some days you cry with the joy of the whole thing.