Death Records

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You may apply to Washington County for death records up to the last day of the fifth month from date of death. For example, if your loved one died on January 10, you can apply for a death record from Washington County until July 9 during our regular weekday business hours only.

To request a certified death record, use the order form on this website. Be sure to fill it out completely to avoid delaying the process. Each certified death record is $25. If you apply in person, we can accept cash, check, credit card, debit card or money order. If you apply by mail, we can accept a check or money order made payable to Vital Records. Do not mail cash or include a credit card number when ordering by mail. You must mail or bring acceptable proof(s) of identity. Visit the State's website for a complete list of what is accepted.

Ordering a Death Record

  • A current valid identification is required. Visit the State's website for a complete list of what is accepted. 
  • “Long Certified” death record includes the medical portion of the record.
  • “Short/Fact of Death Certified” death record does not include the medical portion of the record.
  • Death Record Order Form 

Access to death records is restricted for 50 years to immediate family members and their legal representatives, persons or organizations with a personal or property right, government agencies and persons licensed in Oregon under ORS 703.430.

The following are authorized to order either a “Long Certified” or “Short/Fact of Death” record:

  • Staff from a funeral home that was in charge of final disposition arrangements
  • United States Department of Veteran Affairs, the Director Veterans’ Affairs or any county service officer may request and receive two free copies of the certificate of death
  • Any immediate family member
  • Any government agency that needs the record to conduct business: law enforcement agencies, DMV, IRS, Social Security, etc.
  • Anyone with a personal or property right:  
  • Any organization or business responsible for paying death benefits (insurance  companies, employers, pension funds, etc.)    
  • Creditors: businesses, credit companies who are owed money by the decedent
  • Divorced spouses: For Social Security benefits
  • Immediate family members of a child for the biological father’s death record, even if the father is not listed on the child’s birth certificate. Family may be able to prove paternity by some means to satisfy requirements of Social Security for benefits.

The following are eligible to receive “Short/Fact of Death” certified death record only:

  • Non-family member or business attempting to clear titles on properties or vehicles they own or have inherited. Normally the deceased person is a previous owner or was a co-owner of the property. (A person seeking to buy property where a deceased person may be on the title does not have a right to the death record.)
  • Firms locating heirs as part of their business in the distribution of unclaimed estates. Requests should be made on official letterhead of the firm and state the reason for needing the record.
  • Oregon licensed private investigators. Investigators must provide enough information to identify a specific record. Records ordered by mail should include a photocopy of the investigator’s Oregon license.

Six months or longer from the date of death:

Certified copies for individuals who died in Oregon six months ago or longer must be obtained from the Oregon Health Authority