Schools and Day Care

The information below is intended for school administrators. Parents, families and school staff should contact their school district directly with any questions about their own schools. 

If you work at a school or childcare center and want to ask questions about coronavirus symptoms, safety protocols, isolation, quarantine or screening, or you want to report a case or an outbreak please call our school strike team line at 503-846-5404. 

Executive Order on School Reopening

On March 12, 2021, Governor Kate Brown issued Executive Order 21-06, requiring all Oregon public schools to offer universal access to hybrid or full in-person instruction by the weeks of March 29 for grades K-5 and April 19 fro grades 6-12.

Vaccine Information for Educators and Staff

Please see this document for information on how to obtain the vaccine, as well as answers to many other questions you might have. If you still have questions, visit the state's COVID-19 vaccination website or email  

Public and Private Schools

In-Person Instruction 
Schools and districts are allowed to determine if in-person instruction is safe and the right fit for their students. It is still recommended, however, that transition to in-person instruction occurs when Washington County meets the metrics set forth by the governor and the Oregon Health Authority (metrics subject to change).  

View the current guidance for limited in-person instruction during comprehensive distance learning.

ODE has developed several FAQs that cover physical distancing, transportation, hygiene, instructional models and more.  

What to do when someone tests positive or is exposed to someone who is COVID+ 
ODE has developed 12 scenarios regarding exposure and testing which can provide guidance for your situation.  

When can a COVID+ student or staff member return? 
People who test positive for COVID-19 are directed to stay home until the following things have happened:  

  • They have had no fever for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicine; and 
  • Other symptoms have improved; and 
  • At least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared. 

People who DID NOT have COVID-19 symptoms, but tested positive and have stayed home may leave home under the following conditions: 

  • At least 10 days have passed since the date of their first positive test for COVID-19, and
  • They continue to have no symptoms (no cough or shortness of breath) since the test. 

Face Coverings Required 
Face coverings are required for all students in grades kindergarten and above along with all staff. Use of face coverings does not change physical distancing requirements. Learn more.

Onsite Rapid Testing
Oregon Health Authority's Testing Plan
If interested in offering rapid tests at your site(s), email the state.

Sports and activities 

View the current guidance for school sports and activities. Under this guidance, K-12 sports are allowed. The Oregon Health Authority still recommends the following: smaller groups are safer than larger; outdoor locations are safer than indoor locations; sports that can ensure distance of six feet or more are safer than those that require closer contact; and shorter duration is safer than longer. 


If you believe a school is not in compliance with the Ready School, Safe Learners guidance you can file a complaint with Oregon OSHA at 1-833-604-0884 or online. If you would like to file a confidential complaint, select "yes" on the online form in response to the question, "Do you want to keep your identity confidential?" 

Day Care

Health and Safety Guidelines for Child Care and Early Education 

Emergency Childcare Guidance FAQ and toolkit 

Reporting an Outbreak

If you work at a school or child care center and want to report a suspected case or outbreak, or ask questions about coronavirus symptoms, safety protocols, isolation, quarantine or screening, please call our school strike team line at 503-846-5404.  

When do we need to report a case or outbreak? 

  1. If the staff or student is confirmed COVID+ and was in the school either: 
  • Two days prior to their symptom onset or any time after symptom onset OR 
  • Two days prior to their positive test collection or any time after positive test collection, if non-symptomatic. 
  1. If the staff or student is a presumptive case (per Oregon’s Investigative Guidelines) and has been in the school during the two days prior to symptom onset or any time after symptom onset. 

Immunization Reporting

  • Schools that anticipate they will reopen (at least partially) later in the school year when it’s possible should plan on collecting immunization records, notifying parents of missing immunizations, and participating in immunization reporting and exclusion.  
  • Schools that are planning on exclusive online learning for the full school year will be able to count these students in the “not counted” category of the immunization report. They are still encouraged to collect immunization records in preparation for in-person learning next school year.

Colleges and Universities

Guidance for the Conduct of In-Person Instructional, Residential, and Research Activities at Oregon Colleges and Universities (HECC/OHA)

The Higher Education Coordinating Commission and OHA put out this Facebook video on going back to university or community college during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Higher Education Establishments

To connect with Washington County Public Health, email

Resources Created by Washington County Public Health

Environmental Health Checklist for Sanitation and Disinfection

Cohort Daily School Log

COVID School Respiratory Illness Log (Line List)

COVID School Reporting Form (for reference)

Resources Created by ODE 

Ready School, Safe Learners Guidance for School Year 2020-21 and companion documents 

Resources for implementing comprehensive distance learning 

Comprehensive Distance Learning Requirement Overview 

New ‘Scenarios Document’ for ODE's K-12 protocol

Operational Blueprint Template (assessment) Click 'Operational Blueprint Template' in the School Leaders Box. 

Sample Plans (Ready Schools, Safe Learners)  

Communication Toolkit 

General Resources

CDC Cleaning and Disinfection Guidance for Schools 

Testing sites in Washington County  

Washington County Health Care Resource Guide 

Oregon Department of Education COVID-19 Page  

Oregon Health Authority COVID-19 page  

Operating schools during COVID-19: CDC's Considerations 

Disinfecting your Non-Emergency Vehicle 

Contact Us 

If your question is not covered, email ODE at and also copy Washington County at