EMS Alliance

The mission of the Alliance is to maintain and enhance a safe and effective EMS system through leadership, oversight, facilitation and education for the citizens and EMS community we serve.

The vision of the Alliance is to provide a high performance patient-centric health care system, within a just culture, through improved resource utilization, expanded education, system development and collaboration.

All work done within the EMS Alliance will be done with the consideration of the EMS Foundational Principles.

The five (5) voting members of the Alliance Governing Board shall be decisionmakers for their respective jurisdictions. It is their responsibility to represent their jurisdiction's perspectives and concerns in the process of determining what is in the best interest of Washington County’s EMS system.

Member agencies include:

1. Banks Fire District

2. City of Forest Grove

3. City of Hillsboro

4. Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, A Rural Protection District

5. Washington County


Read the complete bylaws and the mission and vision statement.