All ambulance and wheelchair car vehicles used for transportation services within Washington County are required to carry a current Washington County Ambulance and Wheelchair Service License at all times. License applications may be acquired by contacting Washington County Emergency Medical Services (WCEMS) weekdays during business hours (see contact information below).

The ambulance and wheelchair car licensing process begins by submitting a completed application, accompanied by all requested supporting documentation, to WCEMS for approval. Upon approval the primary applicant is invoiced for current annual licensing fees in accordance with Washington County Emergency Medical and Transportation Ordinance, contained in Washington County Code Chapter 8.32 (see Regulations on this website).

Licenses are issued upon receipt of payment, and are to be displayed prominently on the rear window of each service vehicle. Decals are specific to a particular vehicle and are not transferable.

Annual relicensing occurs prior to the beginning of each fiscal year, effective July 1 through June 30. Midyear licensing is possible, in which case licensing fees will be pro-rated. Incomplete or late applications may jeopardize timely license issuance. Additional ambulance and wheelchair car licensing resource information may be viewed on this website under Regulations & Reference Documents.

For applications contact the Washington County EMS Office at 503-846-8699.