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Washington County EMS Strategic Plan 2014-2016

Washington County EMS Office in collaboration with the County's EMS stakeholders have developed a strategic plan for our EMS system. The Washington County EMS Strategic Plan identified 10 strategies/objectives that will be pursued over a 24 month period.

Polaris Report

According to a 2010 presentation given by Deputy Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to the NSTA, statistics for the nation reveal traffic fatalities have declined for the 15th consecutive quarter, and are at the lowest annual level since 1954.  Although the trend is encouraging, more must be done to prevent the loss of more than 33,000 people due to traffic-related crashes in a single year.

In an effort to reduce accidental injuries on the nation's highways, NHTSA developed a Technical Assistance Team (TAT) to focus on assisting states with the development of integrated emergency medical services (EMS) programs that include comprehensive systems of trauma care.

A Reassessment of Emergency Medical Services is a comprehensive NHTSA TAT document tailored specifically for Oregon EMS and trauma systems.  The complete 40-page document may be viewed on this website at NHTSA Reassessment Report

The Washington County EMS system relies on fire departments to provide first response services and a private contractor to provide performance-based ambulance services.  The County engaged The Polaris Group to review the EMS system design, to make recommendations for system design improvements, and to provide assistance in developing a process for establishing a new contract.

After careful study of EMS system-related regulatory documents, The Polaris Group conducted interviews with stakeholders in the EMS system to obtain potential recommendations for improvement.  This twenty-two-page Report of Stakeholder Interviews, produced by The Polaris Group, may be viewed on this website at The Polaris Group Report for Washington County EMS