COVID-19 Guidelines for Restaurants


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Last Friday, Governor Kate Brown held a press conference regarding the Executive Orders and risk framework for Oregon. These restrictions will be lifted once 70% of eligible adults receive at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine OR June 30, whichever is sooner. Due to extreme heat, capacities at swimming pools, movie theaters and shopping malls have already been suspended. 


Restaurants, general/limited use pools, hotels and all other businesses can resume their regular operations once we have met either of the two requirements explained above. This means self-service operations may begin again, pool monitors are not needed, and capacity requirements are no longer in place (except when required by Fire Marshall or OHA). Businesses are allowed to keep their more restrictive rules in place if they prefer.


This is great news for our local business community, but it does not mean the pandemic is over. We encourage you to continue to promote proper handwashing and talk with staff about employee illness policies. Of course, we hope you and your employees will get vaccinated if you aren’t already. We understand that vaccination is a personal choice and hope you will talk to your health care provider if you have any concerns.


Thank you for your continuous efforts and flexibility throughout the pandemic. 





Please use the following links to access the most up to date information from the Governor’s Office:


Please use the following link to access the most up to date information regarding COVID-19 from Washington County: 


Oregon Health Authority Food Safety website:



Please keep in mind that the information contained in the websites is everchanging so keep checking the web pages regularly for the latest developments.