Civil Commitment

Oregon law allows a person to be treated for a mental illness against their will in some situations. The individual must have a mental illness; be in immediate danger of harm to their self or others, or unable to care for their basic needs; and unwilling to voluntarily receive treatment. Only a judge can commit a person through a court hearing process.

Washington County Behavioral Health has staff who gather critical information when a person is placed on a mental health hold to see if that individual might meet criteria for a commitment hearing. These staff will talk with the individual on a hold, treatment providers, family members and others who have witnessed certain behaviors. This information is then brought forward to see if a commitment hearing can be held. Not all individuals brought to a hearing are committed.

For more information on civil commitment, please call 503-846-4736. This is a non-emergency number.

Emergency Contact: For imminent threat, call 911 and seek assistance from the police. For urgent situations, contact the Washington County Crisis Line at 503-291-9111.