Housing Works

What is Housing Works?

Housing Works is a new career training and placement program funded by the U.S. Department of Labor offered only to participants of rental assistance programs offered by the Department of Housing Services. The program offers:

  • Vocational coaching
  • Skills development
  • Career training
  • Possible paid internships or on-the-job training
  • Support services
  • Job placement services

These services are all offered at no cost to eligible housing residents. The goal of the Housing Works program is to provide qualified Housing residents with intensive career training and placement opportunities to help them find and keep living wage jobs and rewarding new careers in high-demand occupations.


Benefits of Housing Works

The Housing Works program provides a dedicated vocational case manager to help participants navigate through the often challenging process of skills building, career training, and job search. As of April, 2015, Housing Works has enrolled 75 participants. Of those 75 participants:

  • 52 participants have received certifications or professional credentialing;
  • 24 participants have co-enrolled in the Washington County Housing Services Family Self-Sufficiency program, which allows participants the ability to create long-term escrow savings accounts, as well as other benefits;
  • 17 participants, who are first-generation college students, enrolled in higher education;
  • 16 participants have completed an on-the-job training or internship;
  • 12 previously unemployed participants now have full-time employment;
  • 3 previously working participants have received higher wage employment with increases in earnings of 20% or more.

Furthermore, Housing Works participants have gained employment as Certified Nursing Assistants, Peer Support Specialists, Pharmacy Technicians, Medical Assistants, Physical Therapy Aides, Administrative Assistants and other office-related employment, and manufacturing positions.

With 12 months left within the program, the overall progress of Housing Works is expected to continue to grow.


Thank you to our Community Partners

The Department of Housing Services would like to thank all of our community partners who have worked with us to make the Housing Works program as successful as it is.

Specially, we would like to thank Free Geek for providing Housing Works with 20 computers to distribute to our participants who are currently in school and without computers at home.

We would also like to thank Hillsboro Resource Center and St. Vincent de Paul Society for providing food boxes and other needed supplies to our participants.

Lastly, Housing Works would not be possible without the assistance of Oregon WorkSource, Portland Community College, New Horizons, and all of the Aligned Partner Network agencies.


Interest in Housing Works

Currently, Housing Works has reached maximum capacity and is not accepting new participants. If the program becomes available again, an interest form will be available online and at the Housing Services office.

If you have questions about planning for career development, please contact WorkSource Beaverton/Hillsboro at (503) 526-2700.