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Different projects (residential, commercial, agriculture, grading/engineering) require different permit application forms.

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How to submit forms:

Contractors only: Apply for only electrical, plumbing and mechanical permits through e-permits.

Please note: When applications are mailed, emailed or faxed, fees can be paid by check, debit/credit or through a County trust account.

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Fee changes effective Jan. 1

In June 2020, the Washington County Board of Commissioners opted to  increase Building and Current Planning fees. To help mitigate the financial impact on our customers, half of the increase was effective July 1, 2020; the second half is effective Jan. 1, 2021.

Unlike many area jurisdictions, both LUT Building Services and Current Planning operate on a cost-recovery basis – meaning that these work groups’ activities are supported entirely by fees for service. These increases are cost-recovery measures necessary to maintain operations. For a complete list of LUT fee increases, visit the Washington County Fiscal Year 2020-21 Fee Schedule (pages 13-31). 

  • Building Services fees: Most fees will increase 2.5% 
  • Current Planning fees: While most fees are increasing a minimum of 2.5%, other targeted increases are also being implemented to achieve cost recovery.