Payments & Fees

PPSPFees can be paid online using the Public Permitting and Services Portal.

Payments can be made with VISA, MasterCard or Discover  or electronic check. FY 2020-21 Fee Schedule

First-time users will need to first complete the one-time account registration process. Watch the How-to Register video  

Once an account is created, users can:

For refunds, complete a refund request form.

TDT & SDC Fees

The Transportation Development Tax (TDT) is imposed on new development and redevelopment within Washington County. The tax is charged to developers to help pay for the impact new development has on the transportation system. 

The TDT is collected before building permits are issued. In cases where building permits are not required, it is collected before final approval of a development application. However, there are options for payment including:

  • Payment over time
  • Deferral of payment until occupancy, in certain cases

Additionally, credit toward TDT may be approved for construction of eligible road or sidewalk improvements. 

Service Development Charges (SDC) are charges that help offset new development within specific areas. Charges provide funding for transportation capital improvements in the area. SDCs are in addition to TDT.