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Developers, builders and those performing construction activities now have the opportunity to participate in Washington County's Electronic Plan Submission and Review process (EPR). Washington County is thrilled to be able to offer this new technology tool to its customers.

Currently in use at neighboring jurisdictions, customers who use the software to submit plans electronically during the Spring 2016 debut will be providing practical, hands-on experience for Permit Technicians, Plans Examiners and Building Inspectors to master skills learned during training and implementing the software for functionality.

We are now accepting all plan review submittals through our electronic plan review system, ProjectDox. This includes all structural, grading, fire alarm, fire sprinkler, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, equipment and deferred submittals.

Note: Starting Aug. 1 we will require all submittals that come from a designer, architect, engineer or contractor to be submitted via ProjectDox 

Getting Started In ProjectDox

Step 1
Select the correct application for your project's scope. Our fillable applications and checklists are easy to use and can be emailed to staff. To make sure that your application is processed as quickly as possible, fill out the application completely. The email listed under applicant will receive the ProjectDox task (assignments). If you have any questions, please contact us at the information found below.

Step 2
Email the completed application to LUTBldg@co.washington.or.us.
Once your application has been received, a Permit Technician will process the information and set up the permit in the Electronic Plan Review System. The applicant will receive an email to pay their fees and to upload their plans. If they are a first time user they will also receive an email to set up their account. Please note: It can take up to 72 hours for permit set up.

Step 3
Once you have logged in to the ProjectDox system, upload your drawings and documents according to the EPR Submittal Guide and complete your task.

We want to make sure your project moves along the process quickly, so please make sure that you have uploaded your project pages correctly.

Please make sure the following requirements are met when uploading your plans. Failure to do so will result in your plans being rejected.

  • Your intake fees must be paid prior to submitting your plans
  • All drawing pages and site plans need to be uploaded in the Drawings folder as single pages, in landscape format, and labeled in sequential order starting with 001, 002, 003,… etc and have page title. Example: 001 Site Plan, 002 Cover Sheet, 003 Elevations
  • All supporting documents (engineering, calculations, truss packets, etc.) must be uploaded in the documents folder as full documents (you do not need to scan each individual page)
  • All residential submittals must include the Important Notice and One- and Two-Dwelling Checklist in the Documents folder
  • All submittals must include a sheet index or page numbering system.
  • Once your plans are uploaded, you must complete the Applicant Upload Task in order to send your plans to a permit technician for intake

Important Information
For all new structures, additions, or remodels where you are going outside the existing structure we will need the following items prior to issuing your permit.


Contact Information

If you would like more information about Washington County's Electronic Plan Review (EPR) process, please contact us:

Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation
Planning and Development Services | Building Services Section
155 N. First Avenue, Suite 350, MS12, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation
Engineering and Construction Services | Engineering Services Section
1400 SW Walnut St, MS17, Hillsboro, OR 97123