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Joe Younkins, Division Manager

Capital Project Services (CPS) – Is a group of professional and technical experts who collectively administer the planning, design, and construction of major transportation improvement projects throughout Washington County.  These projects include roads, bikeways, bridges, sidewalks, and rail, and all are intended to improve safety, reduce bottlenecks, and address transportation demands.

Funding for the projects administered by CPS is derived from several sources. The primary source is the Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP), but secondary sources include Transportation Development Tax (TDT), the Road Capital Projects Fund program, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), Oregon Transportation Investment Act (OTIA) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

The life of a capital project from inception to completion includes several key activities and can span several years depending on funding, land acquisition, design and permitting complexities. The initial phase of the project consists of everything from holding public involvement meetings and keeping residents informed, to budgeting for the project, overseeing the design (by either in-house engineers or private consulting firms), securing any necessary permits, negotiating Inter-Agency Agreements, and advertising the project for competitive public bid. CPS also provides Right-of-Way Administration, Land Acquisition Services and Utility Coordination Services.

Utility Coordination Services is an important part of capital projects. The CPS Utility Coordinator works closely with utility companies to provide technical assistance and to identify and resolve conflicts with a proposed project design. The utility coordinator also provides technical assistance to engineering staff, consultants, developers, project managers and contractors. In addition, the utility coordinator investigates utility issues affecting property owners, contractors, and maintenance operations. This coordination has proven to save the county and utility companies thousands of dollars each year. 

The final phase of a capital project entails the construction of the physical improvements. CPS performs construction management and field inspection of the major capital transportation projects. Project management teams work closely with private contractors to verify that the project progresses as planned and works to resolve any unforeseen issues that arise during the course of the work. Inspection technicians are on-site daily to verify that the project is being built according to design, specification and contract requirements.

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