Code Compliance

The County’s Community Development Code (CDC) and County Building Code exist to protect the health, safety and well-being of those who live and work in unincorporated Washington County. 

County codes regulate the development and some uses of private property including home businesses, vehicle storage, recreational vehicle storage and use and development in a flood plain. The code also regulates the following:

The County does not prohibit roosters or male peacocks in the urban unincorporated area.


Current Planning/Code Compliance has reduced staffing
due to revenue shortfalls.

Permits, inspections, reports, applications and other services
– including returning phone calls and emails – may take longer than usual.

Your patience is appreciated.

Division Manager: Andy Back  |  Principal Planner: Stephen Shane


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Property owners who violate codes may face hearings before a hearings officer, monetary penalties and/or property liens. Staff responds to potential code violations based on the following priorities:

  • Priority 1 violations - activities that impact environmental/natural resources, pose significant health and/or safety issues or involve structures under construction that don’t meet code standards.
  • Priority 2 violations - activities that disturb the livability of a community or pose a lower health and/or safety risk. 
  • Priority 3 violations - usually do not involve safety issues. 
  • Priority 4 violations - there is no irreparable harm of life safety issues involved. 

See List of violations and priorities

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Complaints can be submitted through the Public Permiting and Services Portal or via the Code violation form.  Pictures are very useful.

Complaints can be submitted anonymously. To submit a complaint anonymously, complete the Code violation form but DO NOT include your name and address. Complaints will not be investigated until a form is submitted.

The public permit 2

Submit formal complaints via:  

  • Public Permitting and Services Portal
  • Email
  • Fax 503-846-2908
  • Mail/in person:
    Washington County Land Use & Transportation 
    Planning and Development Services - Code Compliance
    155 N. First Ave., Ste. 350, MS 13
    Hillsboro, OR 97124