2015 Annual Work Program

Adopted 2015-16 Long Range Planning Work Program

On January 27, 2015 the Washington County Board of Commissioners directed staff to send out a draft of the 2015 Long Range Planning Work Program for a 30-day public review and comment period. The draft work program was sent to a number of organizations and interested parties, including citizens who had already provided comment, Citizen Participation Organizations (CPOs), cities and service district providers. The comment period ended on February 26.

At its meeting on March 24, 2015 the Board of Commissioners considered and adopted the 2015-16 Long Range Planning Annual Work Program.

Adopted Work Program Table 2 Tasks

Board Minute Order #15-70 Adopting 2015-16 Work Program

2015-2016 Annual Work Program Staff Report prepared for March 24, 2015 Board meeting


The program outlines work priorities for the department's Long Range Planning staff and recommended land use ordinance topics to be addressed in the upcoming fiscal year. A few highlights of the 2015-16 Work Program:

For more information, contact LUT Planning.


2015 Draft Work Program

Draft 2015-16 Work Program Staff Report prepared for the January 27, 2015 Board meeting


2015 Issue Papers

Issue Paper No. 2015-01A -- North Cooper Mountain Land Use Planning

Issue Paper No. 2015-01B -- North Cooper Mountain Transportation Planning

Issue Paper No. 2015-02 -- Written Testimony by Email

Issue Paper No. 2015-03 -- Consideration of Width Reductions to North Bethany's Natural Features Buffer

Issue Paper No. 2015-04 -- County Regulation of Recreational Marijuana