2018-19 Long Range Planning Annual Work Program

The Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation 2018-19 Long Range Planning Work Program staff report was adopted by the Board of Commissioners at its March 6 Board meeting.


The work program identifies and ranks Long Range Planning staff's annual tasks including ordinances, projects and other transportation and community planning activities. Priorities include:

  • Exploration of options to encourage affordable housing development
  • Development of the Cooper Mountain Area Transportation Refinement Plan
  • Transportation planning for urban reserves
  • Amendment to the Rural/Natural Resource Plan for proposed expansion of quarry operations between Farmington and Grabhorn roads.
  • Completion of North Bethany Main Street planning
  • Implementation of recommendations from the Aloha Tomorrow study
  • Updates to the Community Development Code including fair housing and food carts
  • Continued updates to the TV Highway Corridor Transit Concept/Access Plan
  • Review of road standards
  • Continued participation in regional funding initiatives and policies
  • Development of an issue paper to assess implementation of County Significant Natural Resources regulations, with a specific focus on upland wildlife habitats.
  • General Transportation System Plan updates
  • Participation in ongoing local, regional and state coordination and planning including:
    • Transit service planning and coordination

For more information, contact LUT Planning.

Issue Papers