Short-term rentals

Short-term rentals are not regulated in Washington County. In recent years, community members sent emails and letters and testified before the Washington County Board of Commissioners about the impacts some short-term rentals have on the community.

Short-term RentalsLand Use & Transportation Community Planning staff drafted the Short-term Rentals: Issues and Considerations issue paper as part of the 2019 Long Range Annual Work Program. Following a public comment period on the issue paper, the Board directed staff to develop requirements and a licensing program. 

In December 2020-January 2021, the community was asked to take a survey and comment on the proposed requirements through an online open house. The open house provided background on the draft requirements, and 326 people took the survey.

A summary of survey responses is available at Short-term rentals: Open house results.



Timeline 1 Permit Initiation
Permit Application, Plans, Reports, Fees
Timeline 2 Package Review
Initial Information Review for Package Completeness
Notice given to applicant to incomplete submittal
Timeline 3 Technical Review
First Building Engineers’ Technical Completeness Review
Review letter itemizing additional information required and Conditions of Approval notice sent to permit applicant
Timeline 4 Plan Response Review
Second Building Engineers Review of Applicant Responses to Plan Review Comments 
Partial information or incomplete responses will place project on hold.
Timeline 5

Permit Issuance

  • CWS Permit or DEQ Permit
  • Current Planning Signoff
  • Facility Access Permit Signoff
    • - LUT Engineering Sign Off
  •  Building Services Signoff
Timeline 6 Site Meetings and Inspections
  • Pre-construction Meeting
  • Two Intermediate Inspections (minimum)
Timeline 7 Project Completion and Permit Final
  • As-built Plans Submitted
  • Contractors' Completion Form Submitted
  • Civil Engineers' Completion Form Submitted
  • Geotech Engineers' Completion Form and Final Summary Report Submitted
  • Engineering Geologist Form Submitted (when applicable)
  • Final Inspection