Stakeholder Work Group

Members of the project Stakeholder and Technical Work Group represent a variety of interests; citizen, modal, Citizen Participation Organization (CPO), jurisdictional, businesses, development/building, service providers, and others.

The purpose of the Stakeholder and Technical Work Group is to provide public input and technical review at all stages of the project. The work group will have a voice to guide the work of the project team, identifying opportunities and challenges, reviewing proposed solutions, and offering other ideas for the project team to consider.


Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Reports

Stakeholder Meeting #1 - October 15, 2015AgendaPacketSummary
Technical Meeting #1 - October 28, 2015 AgendaPacketSummary
Combined Stakeholder & Technical Meeting #2 - March 15, 2016AgendaPacketSummary
Combined Stakeholder & Technical Meeting #3 - June 15, 2016 AgendaPacket Summary