Complete Streets Design Update

Designing for Compete StreetsThe Complete Streets Design Update involves updating Washington County’s Road Design and Construction Standards, other plan documents and the County’s decision-making processes to include design options that meet the needs of all who use our transportation system.

Our transportation goal:
Moving people and goods safely and efficiently on all roads


To meet our goal, our road design standards, plan documents and project development process must  meet community goals – present and future. The Complete Streets Design Update will result in roads that meet these needs.


What are Complete Streets? 

Bikes and pedestriansComplete Streets are roads designed to provide safe, accessible travel for everyone: children, older adults, all income levels and ethnicities, those living with disabilities and more. All types of travel are supported: Vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, wheelchairs and public transportation.

Designing for Complete Streets helps us meet these goals:

  • Balance. Many of our streets don't have safe and comfortable access for everyone. Missing or poor sidewalks and bicycle facilities, limited crosswalks and wide streets with high speed limits can create an uncomfortable and potentially less safe environment.
  • Plan Implementation. Our Transportation System Plan prioritizes Complete Streets design. It includes policies that support separate facilities for different users, when possible. This can include separated bicycle lanes and well-marked pedestrian crossings which can improve safety and accessibility.
  • Coordination. Considering all transportation users in the design process can lead to better coordination with our partners including TriMet, utilities and school districts. 

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  • Final evaluation is continuing.
  • We expect Washington County Board of Commissioners to act on the standards this summer.

Resource Icon Resources

Bicycle Facility Design Toolkit: Supplements the road standards by providing design options for bicycle safety and comfort.

Community Development Code and Community Plans: Policies and processes for developers building roads as part of land development projects.

Road Design and Construction Standards: The technical engineering design and construction requirements for our road.

Transportation System Plan: Includes policies, projects and programs to meet Washington County transportation goals and objectives.