Complete Streets Design Update


Meeting the needs of Washington County travelers

Washington County’s transportation goal is to move people and goods safely and efficiently throughout the transportation network. To achieve that goal, the County’s road design standards, plan documents and project development process need to meet the changing community priorities and aspirations. Updating the County’s standards will result in road projects that meet these needs.


What are Road Design Standards?

Washington County engineers, planners and private developers use road design standards to design new or improved roadways and bike facilities.

Areas of Focus

This project will examine the county's road design, review and construction processes and will make recommendations for improvements. It will consider:

Land use types: Roadway designs can be flexible to reflect different land uses. Rural, suburban, main streets, industrial, and urban residential areas require appropriate road and streetscape standards that reflect the needs of users of those places.

Road users: Road design standards can be sensitive to the needs of users of all ages and abilities.

Modes of travel: Roadway guidelines should take into account our multimodal transportation system, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, buses, pedestrians, bicycles, wheelchairs, etc.

Implementation: Procedures used to implement road design standards will be examined to determine where improvements could be made and if documents need to be updated.



Washington County roads must follow guidelines established through the following plans and policies: 

  • Road Design and Construction Standards: The technical engineering design and construction requirements for County roads.


  • Transportation System Plan (TSP): Established policies, projects and programs for transportation system improvements and operations to meet the County’s transportation goals and objectives. 
  • Community Development Code (CDC) and Community Plans: Established policies and processes for developers building roads as part of land development projects. 
  • Bicycle Facility Design Toolkit: Supplements road standards and provides design options to address bicycle safety and comfort

These plans are implemented in tandem to balance transportation, mobility, safety and livability in Washington County communities. 


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Complete Street
Designs Update Timeline

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