Urban Reserves Transportation Study

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URTS mapUrban Reserves Transportation Study (URTS) will examine how future development in Washington County's Urban Reserve areas affect the transportation network. The study will identify the following:

  • Area roadways that will need to be widened in the future to accommodate additional traffic generated by new development
  • Best practices for Washington County to help local cities plan for future growth and transportation impacts

The URTS project team will work closely with city partners, agencies and other stakeholders to analyze the cumulative effects of future growth in the urban reserve areas on the county transportation system.

The results of this study will prepare cities for in-depth planning for urban reserve areas by identifying future priority transportation improvements and right-of-way needs.


Study Elements & Deliverables 

The URTS began in Spring 2019 and will run through the end of 2020. Along the way, the project team will engage with the technical advisory committee (TAC), and ask existing cities, county groups and committees for input.

The study's four primary components each with major deliverables:

  • Partnerships and Outreach; Technical Advisory Committee Rosters, Performance Measures
  • Assess Growth Impacts and System Needs; Travel Demand Forecasts and Analysis, Transportation Needs Assessment Report
  • Evaluate Potential Improvements; Infrastructure Analysis Report, Feasibility Report For Existing Transportation System Plan Projects in Study Areas
  • Infrastructure Finance Plan Template; Review Best Practices, Finance Plan Components and Glossary of Funding Sources, Infrastructure Finance Plan Template


Desired Outcomes

  • A countywide transportation system plan with enough planned capacity to accommodate urban reserve development
  • Urban reserve area concept plans which include needed infrastructure improvement projects and an infrastructure finance plan


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