Transportation System Plan

TSP Cover Page
The Washington County Transportation System Plan (TSP) is a component of the Washington County Comprehensive Plan that defines the future of the transportation system and how it can be achieved. In addition to transportation systems, it outlines policies and strategies to meet existing and future travel needs for vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, transit and freight, based on projected population and employment growth and community aspirations.

The TSP was adopted in 2013 and 2014, and was developed in coordination with local city and regional agency partners after a three-year public involvement process, including the work of a Community Advisory Committee, Interagency Coordinating Committee and public events. Minor updates have been adopted since then, primarily to reflect city transportation plan changes, and incorporate transit-related language required by the state.

The TSP provides staff with guidance on how to build, operate and maintain the County’s major roadway network, while addressing complementary elements of the larger transportation system including transit, multi-use trails, state highways and freight railroads maintained by other entities.



TSP Commonly-Used Maps

Each map contains a link to an interactive online map that users can zoom and scroll through. To see adopted versions of these maps, refer to Ordinances 783 and 793. 

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