Inclement weather response

Winter Weather graphic

Inclement weather (flooding, high winds, freezing rain, ice or snow) can create difficult travel conditions for travelers throughout the region. Although weather-related events are often predictable and forecasted, unforeseen events and circumstances can occur.


Operations and Maintenance Division plan

The LUT Operations and Maintenance Division responds to weather-related events as needed. Staff coordinates all ad operations with state and local agencies, including mutual aid agreements such as the Cooperative Public Agencies of Washington County



Washington County maintains about 1,300 centerline miles of roadway, from urban roads carrying over 40,000 vehicles per day, to dead-end gravel roads carrying fewer than 10. The County does not have sufficient operations resources to inspect all roads for weather-related issues either during, after or in anticipation of a storm. Washington County identifies priority routes that provide access to critical facilities, emergency services and major highways. During extended weather events, the Operations Division may operate on a 24-hour basis.



Flooding graphic

High water warning signs are posted when water covers part of a traffic lane, but the road can still be used without creating a danger to traffic. Road closure barricades are set up when traffic lanes in one or both directions are under water or when water is flowing across the roadway creating dangerous driving conditions.

Permanent, manual-locking flood gates are on Susbauer and Fern Hill roads to allow for more efficient closure of the roads during high-water events. Both roads frequently flood during heavy rainfall. The gates lock in place, preventing motorists from driving into floodwaters.


High winds

High winds often result in trees falling and blocking roads. Downed trees often involve power lines, and LUT's ability to clear the road is dependent on PGE's ability to clear the lines.

Power outages can affect traffic signals. If signals are out or are flashing red, treat intersection as a all-way STOP.


Ice and snow

Sander graphic

When icy conditions are predicted, anti-icing materials may be applied in problem areas  to minimize slippery conditions. Anti-icing agents are typically applied before inclement weather. Road surface, humidity, air temperature, moisture, weather and other factors are considered before application.When ice or snow creates slick conditions, roads may be sanded to improve traction. A clean, finely graded crushed aggregate or anti-skid material is read at intersections, curves, hills and other problem areas.

Additionally, three areas in Washington County have been designated as "snow-zones" – areas where motorists are required by law to have tire chains or traction tires on or in vehicles when traveling on these road segments during severe weather. The zones are located on portions of 175th Avenue, Barnes Road and Cornell Road. Learn more at