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A letter from LUT Director Stephen Roberts


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Washington County Department of Land Use & Transportation (LUT) is providing important services to our community while abiding by Governor Brown’s “Stay Home. Save Lives” Executive Order No. 20-12.


Many of LUT's services are “essential.” While it's not exactly "business as usual" at LUT, we are still conducting our business. Most of our employees are working remotely, but we have found alternative ways to deliver many of our services so that development and building projects – which are critical to sustaining the economy – are able to continue on schedule. See our list of remote resources


Road and traffic signal maintenance is definitely an essential service, and our crews are out in the field maintaining and repairing roads, bridges and signals. We continue to have crews on call to assist with road closures in emergency situations such as traffic crashes.


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Traffic Engineering


The public permit 2County Engineer: Stacy Shetler, PE

The Traffic Engineering Section investigates complaints regarding traffic problems, monitors traffic accidents and traffic volume information in order to improve safety and efficiency, and maintains the county's network of traffic signals, signs and pavement markings. This section is also responsible for development reviews with respect to traffic issues and impacts.

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Assurance of public safety and welfare through providing a safe, efficient county transportation system, stewardship of the public right of way, developing, and insuring compliance with county ordinances and standards.