Land Use Planning Projects

Washington County is growing.  Working together with our city and regional partners, long range planners in the county's department of Land Use and Transportation are drawing up comprehensive plans for new communities brought within the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), a line around the metropolitan area that indicates land that already is or can be developed at urban densities. 

These plans include policies and processes for citizen involvement, natural resource protection, urbanization, housing, and public facilities and services.  Individual Community Plans require provision of necessary "urban" services - primarily sewer, water, and a balanced transportation system - for built-up and developing areas outside cities.

Together we are also helping determine where future UGB expansions might be made - and which lands should be reserved long term for agriculture and other rural purposes

Current Long Range Planning Projects include:

170th Avenue / Merlo Road Conceptual Design Plan

2035 Transportation Plan Update

Aloha Reedville Study

Bonny Slope West

North Bethany Subarea Planning - Not Currently Active

North Cooper Mountain Planning

Urban and Rural Reserves

West Bull Mountain - Not Currently Active