Staff Report Draft Urban and Rural Recommendations

August 3 2009 Staff Report to Washington County Reserves Coordinating Committee

The following Staff Report - Draft Urban and Rural Recommendations was prepared at the request of the Washington County Reserves  Coordinating Committee (WCRCC) for their deliberation. The Staff Report was created in cooperation with the WCRCC Project Advisory Committee (Planning Directors or similar staff/consultants from participating governments/agencies) and input from stakeholder groups (business, development, environmental, agricultural and community interests), the public and partner jurisdictions (Clackamas and Multnomah Counties and Metro.)

The WCRCC will consider the staff report and public comment/testimony (received through September 1) as they prepare their recommendations to the regional Reserves Steering Committee and Core 4 decision-makers in September.

The Staff Report consists of 7 elements:

1. Transmittal Memo to WCRCC - a synopsis of recommendations and Urban and Rural Recommendations map

2. Staff Report

3. Appendix 1 - a series of 39 maps (11 x 17 format, some in color, some in black & white)

Map 1   Urban and Rural Reserves Study Area (regional)
Map 2   Urban Reserves Suitability Analysis V1.1
Map 3   Agricultural Lands Inventory
Map 4   Wildland Forest Inventory
Map 5   Natural Landscape Features Inventory
Map 6   Rural Reserves Suitability Analysis V2.0
Map 7   Constrained Lands for Development and Employment
Map 8   Potential Areas of Interest
Map 9   Candidate Urban Reserves Suitability
Map 10 Candidate Urban Reserves
Map 11 Preliminary Water Service Suitability
Map 12 Preliminary Sewer Service Suitability
Map 13a Transportation Connectivity Suitability
Map 13b Transportation Added Land Cost Suitability
Map 13c Transportation System Land Cost Suitability
Map 14 Adjusted Candidate Urban Reserves
Map 15 Proximity to Urban Growth Boundary - 9 classes
Map 16 Subject to Urbanization
Map 17 Real Market Value Analysis - Zoned Farmland
Map 18 Water Resources
Map 19 Soil Capability Classes
Map 20 Agricultural Productivity
Map 21 High Value Farmland
Map 22 Parcel Size - Test Area
Map 23 Ownership Blocks - Test Area
Map 24 Parcel Size - Final Area
Map 25 Rural Residential Dwelling Densities - Surface and Points
Map 26 Rural Residential Dwelling Densities - Surface, Points and Sub-areas
Map 27 Farmland Analysis - Tiers and Sub-areas
Map 28 Farmland Analysis - Tiers
Map 29 Farm Bureau Rural Reserve Recommendation
Map 30 Forest Analysis - Tiers
Map 31 Metro Natural Landscape Features Inventory Revised
Map 32 Important Natural Landscape Features - (INLF) Overlay
Map 33 Important Natural Landscape Features - (INLF) Tiers
Map 34 Recommended Urban Reserves
Map 35 Recommended Rural Reserves - Revise 8-7-09
Map 35 Recommended Rural Reserve - Revision Explanation 8-7-09
Map 36 Recommended Urban and Rural Reserves

4. Appendix 2
Figure 1 OAR 660-027-0050 Urban Reserve Factors
Figure 2 OAR 660-027-0060 Rural Reserve Factors
Figure 3 Pre-Qualified Concept Plan Typology Example

5. Appendix 3 Pre-Qualified Concept Plans from participating cities
City of Banks
City of Beaverton
City of Cornelius
City of Forest Grove
       Attachment - Economic Opportunities Analysis - Johnson Reid August 2009
City of Hillsboro
       Attachment A - Draft Economic Opportunities Analysis - Johnson Reid March 2009
       Attachment B1 - Intro
       Attachment B1 - Johnson Reid Report Part A
       Attachment B1 - Johnson Reid Report Part B
       Attachment B2
       Attachment C - under development
       Attachment D - South Hillsboro Community Plan January 2008
       Attachment E - Joint Planning Commission Resolution No. 1670/Joint City Council No. 2257
       Attachment F - Excerpts Oregon Business Pilot Project June 2009
       Attachment Map 1 - North Hillsboro Potential Urban Reserve Area, Alternative 3 May 2009
       Attachment Map 2 - City of Hillsboro South Hillsboro Community Plan March 2008
City of King City
City of North Plains
City of Sherwood
City of Tualatin
       Pre-Qualified Concept Plan
       Attachment A - Summary
       Attachment A - Sewer and Water Analysis
       Attachment A - Transportation Analysis
City of Tigard Narrative
       Attachment A
       Attachment B      
City of Wilsonville
West Bull Mountain Planning Area adjacent to Areas 63 & 64

6. Appendix 4
Land Needs Estimate May Report and June Addendums

7. Appendix 5
Phase 3 Public Input Report - July 2009