Washington County Reserves Coordinating Committee Recommendations

Washington County Reserves Coordinating Committee (WCRCC) on September 8 Recommends Urban and Rural Reserves.

On September 8, 2009 the WCRCC recommended Urban and Rural Reserves by a 11 to 2 vote supporting the Washington County staff and Project Advisory Committee report. The recommendation is forwarded to the regional Reserves Steering Committee (RSC)for deliberation through October 14. At that time the RSC will deliver a recommendation to the Core 4 decision-makers, initiating both a series of public events for review and comment and discussions among the Core 4 to arrive at inter-government agreements.

The recommendation is for approximately 34,300 acres of urban reserves, 109,750 acres of rural reserves and leaves approximately 27,200 acres un-designated within the county's Reserve Study Area. Following are the applicable documents, maps and background reports in support of this recommendation:

Background support documents for Staff Report:
Appendix 1 Maps:

Appendix 2 Cities Pre-Qualified Concept Plans

Appendix 3 - Land Needs Analysis

Appendix 4 - Public Involvement

Appendix 5 - Issue Papers