FAQ - West Bull Mountain

West Bull Mountain

Are there regulatory alternatives to prevent tree cutting? Particularly concerned about Heritage Oak cluster?

Tree removal remains under the jurisdiction of the Oregon Department of Forestry and current regulations allow tree cutting with certain restrictions.

Can the process be weighted in favor of property owners versus developers?

All stakeholder input is treated equally.

Has a park provider been identified for the West Bull Mountain area?

Discussions with park providers continue.

Is the West Bull Mountain area subject to annexation by the City of Tigard? Doesn't there need to be a physical connection?

Service providers (water, parks) have not yet been identified. At this time it is not know what, if any, role cities will have in West Bull Mountain.

Is the West Bull Mountain project on schedule for completion by October, 2009?

The West Bull Mountain project continues to move forward with timeline adjustments made as necessary.
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Once ordinances are adopted, when might development begin?

Development can begin 30 days after the ordinance being adopted. Economic factors will play an important role in determining when development might begin. "Urban" services, such as water, are needed in order for development to occur.

What is the status of the finance plan?

Work on the finance plan continues.