Road Maintenance

LUT’s Operations and Maintenance division maintains 1,279 miles of roadway, 191 bridges and 3,000 culverts. We are leading the way in devising techniques for fish passage, environmental permit compliance, training programs and salmon recovery practices. We have obtained "Limit 10" approval from NOAA Fisheries for Routine Road Maintenance, thus staying in compliance with Endangered Species Act.

Our Best Management Practices (BMP’s) help minimize the environmental impacts of routine road maintenance. Road crews and inspectors use field manuals for environmental BMP’s and environmental staff provide on-site project oversight by inspecting and monitoring during design and construction. Some of the BMP’s and techniques include:


  • Fern Flat CulvertRiparian Management Area Protection
  • Fish Passable Culverts
  • “Green” Ditching
  • Recycling Pavement
  • Fish Rescue & Relocation
  • Bio-Engineering
  • Re-Vegetation
  • Water Quality Management
  • Spill Prevention
  • Materials Recycling
  • Comprehensive Training