Sustainable Long Range Planning

Washington County's Long Range Planning Division provides economic/ demographic services and community land use planning for rural and unincorporated Washington County. With transit corridor and station area planning, and bike and pedestrian planning, we support objectives by integrating a mix of land uses that result in more complete communities with multiple transportation options.  Furthermore, these efforts may be approached differently with the planning of future communities than for existing communities.

Having provided a broad overview of the variety of land use and transportation elements that relate to sustainable development and communities, the following list of tasks provides greater detail about what Long Range Planning is currently doing as well as proposed tasks that may be considered for the future. The Far Term Tasks are those that staff can begin to explore as issues that Long Range Planning could address in the future.

Long Range Planning already has some practices in place that support sustainable development objectives, however, there are others that can be considered. Particularly, we oversee the county's Comprehensive Plan policies to meet community, economic and environmental goals, including:

  • Ensuring long-term affordable housing
  • Supporting local economies
  • Providing housing choices
  • Ensuring long-term water supply
  • Sustaining local food sources
  • Reducing vehicle trips
  • Increasing open spaces and tree canopy areas
  • Minimizing development impacts on ecosystems
  • Promoting energy efficient development
  • Integrating alternative energy options