Transportation Improvement Project Management

Hart RoadAt Washington County we don’t just build roads, we build communities. From preservation of natural resources and historic sites to the recovery of delicate and endangered species, LUT’s Capital Project Management Division is balancing mobility goals with a responsibility to protect and enhance Washington County’s natural and cultural assets. Of the over $435 million we have invested to date in improving our transportation system, $65 million has been spent on environmental mitigation. We build environmental improvements right into our transportation system.

Aerial photos of Washington County from 50 years ago show rooftops and open fields; photos today show many more trees growing in our yards and along our streets.  We plant hundreds of trees with every major road improvement we build, along with thousands of native shrubs and ground cover plants.

We are pioneers in wetlands preservation and waterways protection, going back to a landmark 1974 law. Wetlands are nature’s filters - natural sponges that absorb and clean rainwater.

When replacing bridges, such as the Philip Harris Bridge, we take care to protect our rivers and streams with sediment barriers and containing construction debris. And under every new bridge we hang large wooden boxes with narrow slats for bats to roost in.  They love these new homes and settle in to eat insects by the million.

We comply with or exceed environmental regulatory permitting requirements and we balance community needs and environmental protection through context-sensitive transportation design and solutions. Some specific examples of such improvements in Washington County include: