185th Avenue (Kinnaman to Shaw)

This project is complete. 

The 185th Avenue Project was designed by WHPacific and the construction contract was awarded to L.S. Henricksen Construction. The contractor started work April 2010 and completed work December 2010.

The project concept called for the interim widening of SW 185th Avenue between Shaw and Kinnaman to 3 lanes.

After review of traffic data and other information, the road design, authorized by the County Engineer for construction, included the following features:

  • At the north end of 185th near the Post Office, extension of the existing 5-lane section (including a center turn lane) to just south of Blanton Street (east).
  • At that point the roadway transitions to 3 lanes including a center turn lane. The 3 lanes continue south to just past Vincent St and then transition back to 5 lanes. The 5-lane road section extends from the north side of Kinnaman to the first driveway entrance into Aloha High School.
  • Road improvements included curbs, sidewalks, bike lanes (on both sides), underground storm drainage with catch basins, street lighting, surface storm runoff collection, traffic and pedestrian signal improvements at Kinnaman Road, roadside tree plantings and retaining walls where appropriate.
  • Where the new road narrows to less than the full 5 lane width, permanent road improvements are held to the west side of the ultimate road Right-of-Way width.
  • A storm line was installed on Blanton Street (west) starting at 185th and extending 1500 feet west to an existing creek channel. This storm line will carry drainage runoff from the project area. Clean Water Services recently constructed a treatment swale near the end of the storm line to treat the runoff flows prior to joining the creek.
  • At the request and expense of Clean Water Services, the sanitary line on East Blanton between 185th and 184th was replaced.

The sections on 185th that were widened to 5 lanes related to resolving traffic conflicts (near the post office intersections) and handling near future traffic capacity needs (at the Kinnaman Rd intersection).

As part of a future project, the roadway will be constructed to 5 lanes for the entire length of the project. Timing and funding of that future work has not yet been determined.

This project is complete. The hyperlinks for this information may no longer be active.