209th Avenue (Alexander to Kinnaman)

209th Avenue (Alexander Street to Kinnaman Road) logoProject Description

SW 209th Avenue is an urban road east of the city of Hillsboro's new South Hillsboro community. 209th Avenue, between Alexander Street and Kinnaman Road, has two travel lanes, one in each direction, with dedicated left turn lanes on both the north and south sides of the intersection, but no bicycle facilities.

To accommodate development and anticipated increased traffic, 209th Avenue will be widened to five lanes, two travel lanes in each direction and a protected center turn lane, between Alexander Street and Kinnaman Road. Additional improvements include changes to the grade of the 209th Avenue railroad crossing south of TV Highway, dedicated bike lanes, improved street lighting, landscaping, sidewalks, signal and bus stop upgrades, and drainage.

Improvements will be made in coordination with improvements to Cornelius Pass Road, 234th Avenue and 198th Avenue.

Funding Information

This $22.6 million project is funded through the County's Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP 3e) and MSTIP Bonding Cost-Sharing Program.

Community Participation Organization CPO 9 (inactive)
Commissioner District 4


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